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What does it mean to be “woke”? Is it a constant practice like yoga or are you forever “woke” once your internal alarm sounds?

These are the questions that have been keeping me up at night since the onslaught of unarmed killings of black men, women and children began to take over social media—forever immortalized through a hashtag.

As an activist, freelance journalist and cultural commentator I felt the calling to create this space for individuals that are WOKE& dope, fit, chic etc–folks with a desire to remain woke but with a sense of balance.

In the race to break news and keep pace with our ever-evolving society and social media feeds, there has been a BREAKDOWN in how the media communicates digestible information to the masses, in a way that is both informative and provocative.

WOKE& will be your daily alarm, that you’ll actually want to wake up with!

Get WOKE& Stay Woke

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